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'Outer Edges Remixes' OUT NOW 'Outer Edges Remixes' OUT NOW
"When we made the original we went as far as we could within our own confines; exploring and stretching the outer edges. With this remix package we asked a lot of different artists to take that material beyond our edges, into their respective domains. We are really happy that they managed to take our music into completely different dimensions, with such exciting results!" - Noisia

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Introducing: ‘Outer Edges’ in a new 2 x 12” vinyl format Introducing: ‘Outer Edges’ in a new 2 x 12” vinyl format
Our ‘Outer Edges’ album in a new format: 2 x 12" vinyl.

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Three new Noisia t-shirts! Three new Noisia t-shirts!
Our label's web store has recently launched three new Noisia t-shirts.

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Mantra (Official video) Mantra (Official video)
Watch the official music video for Mantra

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Outer Edges Album Leak
Friday night, while we were in the final minutes of setting up the stage for our first ever Outer Edges show, we received the news that our album had been leaked. We think you can imagine how bad we felt at that moment :'( We realise it's 2016, and things like these happen all the time. Still, it's quite a setback. All the plans we've made have to be scrapped and replaced by something less ideal, because we have to react to this unfortunate situation.

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